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My Rules for Social Networking

My Rules for Social Networking

Accept a little self-help from my rules for social networking.

First, I got hold of a little booklet by Hampshire Linux User Group member Damian Brasher, Damian’s Social Networking Rules.

Second, I saw the call for a Bloggers’ Code of Conduct over at O’Reilly.

Inspired, I decided to write out my (short) set of rules for social media. Apologies if this reads like Baz Luhrman’s self-help record Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Opinion: Write Something, Write Anything [Guest Post]

Opinion: Write Something, Write AnythingHave you ever sat there, thinking “I wish I could write?” Not “I wish I could write like [Joe Schmo] or anyone in particular, just “I wish I could write.” I think you can. I don’t mean ‘the one novel that’s in all of us.’ Believe me, I’ve read a lot of those. It’s not true.

But you can write something. An opinion? Opinions are good. We all have them. Done something technical? What about a how-to, or a review? Maybe a poem? A haiku in response to Eric Schmidt? Go ahead, learn a new art-form… …

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