Series’ First Cover Reveal

Series' First Cover RevealPresenting my fantasy series‘ first cover reveal: The Ghost and the Vipers. Coming April 26, 2024 on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

In case you wondered is this series ever going to print, here is the cover for book one. Currently in formatting and proofing, The Ghost and the Vipers will launch alongside books two and three next month on Amazon under the Scildan Press imprint.

I’m still working on the back cover summary. For now, see if this catches your interest:

The Sight is both a gift and a curse.

Seer. Witch. Half-blood. In anger, Jovanka told a vengeful Emperor of his death.

Now she must find Varla, the Ghost of the failed rebellion, and stay ahead of the hunt. The Emperor’s undefeated Vipers will never stop, and a mysterious tracker plays a deadly game with her life.

But escape to the Outlands brings new dangers. The Horse Clans return to claim the land, while Reavers prey on the weak.

And worse, the mirror-glass of her Sight is shattered, and the future it promised is no longer certain.

Jovanka must fight to find her own path out of darkness.

First Book of the Escarri: an epic fantasy series.


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