Series’ Second Cover Reveal

Series' Second Cover RevealPresenting my fantasy series‘ second cover reveal: The Seer and the Vipers. Coming April 26, 2024 on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

Can you believe I’ve been talking about this project for three years?

I wrote in a writers’ group how I started a lot of fantasy books but finished very few. The challenge came back, ‘well, you write one!’ But one standalone novel gets very little traction in today’s market, so I decided it had to be a series.

The Seer and the Vipers is the tricky second book. An extension of the plot of Book One, more bad guys are in pursuit. More ruthless, more dangerous, this time aided by supernatural forces. This time, there’s found family to take care of, a trope that I love.

And for the book summary? How about this:

The pursuit never ends

I see you, little one. The Roamer girl with the eyes like green fire.

Jovanka’s Sight is broken. The future is no longer fixed. New visions torment her, and the Emperor’s seer invades her mind.

The Emperor’s First Company of Vipers hunt her, led by a man who kills without mercy, aided by a fire mage eager to burn the world.

A family of outcasts begins to gather around her; the Ghost, the Shaman, a Corsair rogue, a deserter from the war and an orphan boy rescued from bandits. But are they strong enough to outrun the Vipers, the Brotherhood of the Book, and the watcher in the dark?

Do you think you can hide, little one?

You cannot run. I am wherever you are.

The Second Book of the Escarri: an epic fantasy series

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