Series’ Third Cover Reveal

Series' Third Cover Reveal: City of VipersPresenting my fantasy series‘ third cover reveal: City of  Vipers. Coming April 26, 2024 on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

Editing continues up to the wire for Book Three. In a bizarre twist, the closer I get to release, the more effort it requires to get it into shape to go to press.

City of Vipers sees Jo and Varla embark on a desperate wartime resistance, Mission Impossible to kill the Emperor himself. Enemies emerge at every turn and Jo’s found family is under threat on all sides.

The blurb for this third instalment of the series:

The Empire must fall.

Jovanka told the Emperor of his death. Now there is only one way to end the pursuit; return to the capitol, breach the palace and end the man who wears the Serpent Crown.

Jovanka must risk the family she has gathered around her, evade the Coterie, the Lances and the Brotherhood of the Book, knowing the Emperor’s Seer might betray her at any moment

But Jovanka’s Sight is broken, and without it, how can she hope to survive the Emperor’s bodyguards, the Sisters of the Scildan?

The Third Book of the Escarri: an epic fantasy series

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